Peri Peri seasoning that adds on to the neutral soft makhanas that are roasted with red chillies homogeneously mixed with spiced mixed herbs from different parts of the country, along with sprinkled ginger zest. These marinated makhanas allows a deepen sense of taste and flavours that are personalised to your taste and preference.

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One of the delicious Indian flavours of lemon and mint in your very own loved snack makhanas. These light puffs are popped lotus seeds with hint of lemon and mint that is a perfect substitute to your hunger cravings. A true summer delight that brings you taste and health with high amounts of protein, calcium and fibre.

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Go international with this Singapore magic delight. With spiciest green chillies roasted and grounded, with sweet and savory cinnamon along with one of the Chinese five spice star anise, turmeric and Thai ginger that perfectly complements your taste and helps enhance the flavors of makhanas for an enriching experience.

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Fox nuts are basically lotus seeds. It is developed in water and is generally found in India and known as 'Makhana' here. It is also found in Korea, Japan and Russia and known as 'Gorgon Nut'. This is an Asian water plant and is mostly developed for its edible seeds which is like popcorn. It is extremely nutritious nourishment that has been utilized as a snack and furthermore utilized in various plans particularly in Indian foods. It very well put away for a more extended time whenever kept in thick holders. Chinese use it as a piece of drugs as it has different healing properties as well. These makhanas are used to protect spleen and kidneys. Makhanas have many useful properties. I’ll try to list a few here- It is high on unwelcoming oxidants and acts an enemy of aging, helping in neutralizing white hair, wrinkles, untimely maturing and so forth. It is high in fibre thus maintains a calculated distance from constipation. They help the body to flush out the waste and therefore prevent the collecting of poisons. These nuts are low on absorbed fats and sodium, and high on Magnesium, Potassium and aides in controlling hypertension and diabetes as well. It helps in controlling tremor and a sleeping disorder as it has quietening properties. It helps in curing joint pain deadness and discomfort in joints. As it is having sharp properties it additionally helps fix looseness of the bowels and gives better craving and hunger. It strengthens the body and diminishes consuming sensation and smothers thirst. These nuts are a kind of seed that could be merged into daily grains or soup to keep up great wellbeing. Since it has great measure of protein it is viewed as capable snack for veggie lovers. Since it is neutral in taste, one can add their magic or preferred taste and flavours to it, giving them fulfilment and health in one go.

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